My name is Madison Cullen Hale. I love nothing but my husband Edward Cullen.Edward and I have a daughter together and her name is Carlie Cullen. I have read all four books and my favourite is new moon, because it's so romantic for bella to be rushing to save edwards life.Plus it's also the story where edward and bella find out they cant live without each other. My FAVOURITE fanfiction is when bella works at a company and is trying to take down the cullens company, only she doesn't know until after. An amazing example is Lost by edwardsoul. Just simply amazing the whole twilight world is <3333

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Missing Dawn Adult 1.5/5 6 1 No 512
WARNING!! CONTAINS A LOT OF SMUT, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18!!!! Edward & Bella's story of love making, the stuff you didn't get to read in the original. Enjoy! ( BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE 18 OR OLDER)

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