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Welcome to my profile page! I'm happy that someone actually is reading this, I really am. So I wonder, what are you doing here? Looking for interesting, funny, mysterious or romantic stories? I hope you' ll find those among my work. Maybe you were wondering what kind of person I am? That I could tell you, although I won't post a lot of details online. I'd enjoy a message though! Just simply send me a message and I'll reply as quickly as possible. I started reading Twilight in 2008, after the release of Breaking Dawn. My favourite (twilight saga) books are New Moon and Eclipse. I adore Stephenie Meyer for creating these realistic and complete characters who all make excellent fanfiction material. 7 Facts about Marlien
1. I'm seventeen years old.
2. I live in the Netherlands.
3. People who make me feel like I should give up on this (because they are such fabulous writers and storytellers) are: Margaret Atwood, Marisha Pessl, Stephenie Meyer, Garth Nix, Jonathan Stroud, C. S. Lewis and Ursula K. LeGuin.
4. Most stories I've written so far are in Dutch.
5. I will, however, post other stories.
6. About various themes and characters that interest me.
7. I copied this from my fanfiction account because I'm a bit lazy.

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Clouded Night Teen 5/5 3 1 No 3687
After returning from Italy, Alice has a very clear vision. How does Edward feel about this?
Skipped and unskipped parts from New Moon.

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