Master of the Boot

My interests are diverse and sometimes strange. But they happen to include Twilight, of which I enjoy greatly. My only personal qualm with Twilight is that there just isn't enough fighting in the series. That's the beauty of fanfiction though. I can take Twilight and beef up all the action. Currently my only story is the crossover, The Big Hellsing: The forks affair. But more will follow. For now, Ta Master of the Boot

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The Big Hellsing: The Forks Affair. Adult 0/5 3 5 No 11890
There is a war being fought, in the gloomiest night and in the darkest shadows. From the forests of Washington to the streets of London, lives and unlives are ended as the war continues. From the Vatican's splendor to Volterra's darkened halls, the machine of war grinds on. There is a war raging between the beautiful, glittering Unstet and the savage, voracious Nosferatu. Between agents of church and the masters of immortal life. As the mightiest of the vampire hunters, the Hellsing Organization intends to be standing when the dust clears and the heads roll. Welcome to the Forks affair.

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