I am 13 years old, and love to write and read. Like every other person on this website I am a HUGE fan and obssesed with twilight.

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Moonlight by Midnight Teen 5/5 5 1 No 735
This is a story about a normal, teenage girl. At least, you'd think that. Gabrielle is really an Arch Angel. She is pretty bored with small town Cape Fear, North Carolina, that is, until she meets Jasper Whitlock. Jasper starts to like her, as he is getting over a problem of the past. Apparently, his original girl, Alice cheated on him, with Edward, his adopted brother. But what happens when both families collide and Gabrielle is almost Jasper's family? Then the full moon comes, and Gabrielle must stay away from Jasper alone.......Or she will kill him.

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