So so. My name is Gabriella. I live in Wales ,I'm fourteen years old, and right now my top two ambitions are:- 1- gain a place at London's Royal College of Art 2- Write a novel of equal brilliance as Twilight. Who knows if I will get either. But a girl can always try her best. So exams are coming up and right now I'm buried under a ten foot pile of books. Gah, updates will be irregular and infrequent at the most. Much Love; ~Gabriella~

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Monochromatic Adult 4.5/5 37 4 No 4220
monochromatic banner Bella is in a coma , barely alive. Edward manages to save her ,but seeks the help of another being, more dangerous and dicieving than any vampire. His wish to save Bella comes at a high price and he's tricked into giving something he'd rather keep all to himself. BellaXEdward spoilers Violence, mild horror. (Banner made by me-however sucky it is) Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognize from Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer.
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind Teen 5/5 8 2 No 5266
A crossover between ESOTSP and Twilight/New Moon. Bella can't cope with the pain of Edward leaving her. In depression she seeks out a company 'Lacuna'. Having Edward removed from her memory is like a relief, but is it the right decision?

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