Hiya, it me. ELKY! I absolutely loooove twiligt its the best!!! My best friends are jasper_says_relax, team_jacob and laughter queen! YAY THEM!!! I love music, it is basically my life. I love a HUGE range of music from Paramore to the Beatles. I know it's cheesy, but hey I like the Beatles! My absolute favourite is Evanesence, I just think their music is so meaningful. Deep, I know. I also love Bullet for my valentine, one of my favourites is their album Scream Aim Fire. Plus many more. I love Tae Kwon do and Do se pas (Don't get on the wrong side of me! D:). I've been doing Tae Kwon Do for about four years now and it's my favourite sport... ever! I have also been trained to use a bow staff as well as a knife. Eep! D: One of my many passions (some I'm better at then others) is writing. I love it! It gives you a chance to be so creative. Your stories can be happy, dark, romance or whatever you feel at the time.

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Forbidden loves rise Teen 5/5 13 6 No 7465
What would have happened if the Cullens had never moved to Forks? The Cullens are starting a new life in England where a pack of shapeshifters happen to live. The families hate each other, but what happens whenEdward starts to fall for one of them? Will love conquer all? Romeo and Juliet style.

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