porcelain doll

i really enjoy ms. meyer's work . her books are very enthralling and different . it's great to read a romance story that doesn't revolve around the clinched teen romance . well , about me . i'm 18 years old , i love art ( hoping to become a professional artist ) , video games , books , music and reading . my taste in music isn't really specified by one genre . i like all types of genres and tend to give chances on songs that others proclaim as lame. i'm also on deviant art . my writing skills are average , but i do like to brush up on the skill from time to time .

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Alone Everyone 5/5 13 3 No 5457
Isabella is a witch , who's been alone for years . The Cullens are new to Forks . This is the first time they seen a witch . This is the first time she's seen a vampire . Can the two coexist ?
What am I ? Everyone 4/5 17 2 No 4908
For as long as I could remember ... I've been sick . The doctors have no clue what disease I have . Neither do my adoptive parents . I came to Forks after my mom heard about this doctor . It was there that I learned things that would change my life , forever .

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