Bella Cullen

*UPDATE* 1/7/2010 I am back, after a long long long hiatus. I will most likely continue to write my story, Chatrooms, as long as everyone continues to review. :) Hi! *Waves* I'm Bella Cullen! Well, that's my pen name... LOL. Anyways, I love Twilight, obviously. Some things you might want to know? 1. I am on team 95% Edward, and 5% Jacob, so if you are looking for stories about Jacob and Renesmee, then I'm not the author to go to. lol sorry. 2. I love listening to music! 3. My Favorite Characters: (In order) Edward Cullen Emmett Cullen Alice Cullen Seth Clearwater Bella Swan (I only like her in the first and second books) Esme Cullen Angela Weber 4. My least favorite characters: (In order) Lauren Mallory Jessica Stanley Jacob Black (After he becomes a werewolf) Rosalie Cullen (Somewhat) Billy Black 5. I love love love to draw. I draw mostly anime stuff, not realistic. I have been considering putting up some on this website, but I don't know. I might. 6. I like to look at Twilight icons!! (Below this list) Grocery List- Jasper! I don't really like Breaking Dawn, BUT if someone requests that I do a story about it, I might comply. Have any suggestions that you would like me to write for my Chat Rooms? Comment and I will most likely comply!

Stories Written (4)

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Danger Magnet Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1473
This is a story about an interesting day for the Cullens. Bella's POV All characters, settings, etc. belong to the awesome Stephenie Meyer! Only rated teen just in case.
Dirty Little Secret Everyone 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 706
This is in Angela's POV. What if Angela really WAS a witch, as Bella had predicted? One-Shot
Chat Rooms Everyone 5/5 67 11 No 7541
The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^
The Lake House Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 981
Edward is gone, and Charlie wants Bella, him, and Bella's grandparents to have some fun at her grandparent's lakehouse. But Bella has a past at this place... and it's an eerie one. One that was never spoken of until now... *One-Shot*

Series Written (1)

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Too Late 0/5 0 0
About What if questions. What if something HAD happened in Volterra? something serious? what would Bella do?