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Hi..............♥TEAM JACOB♥..............And that's about all you need to know about me!................Okay now what you really want to know..........My name is Alli and I love to act, sing, and read............DUH!!!!!!!!!!!Twilight rocks and in my world Jacob and Renesmee are married!!!In my world. Also I have a cat named tali who is a boy..........I just want to tell you that if there are any mistakes or spelling errors in anything I write.............Please remember that I'm not a vampire.........Yet........Anywho I love to write and I hope you enjoy all future fanfictions that I write.......Just remember It's OK to give constructive critisium...I will gladly take it........Well that's all for now. ~Loch Ness Werewolf P.S Please call me Nessie because I know that Renesmee takes a while to write out. My latest story is called Sparklepuupies. I hope it will get validated soon so all of you can read it. Also if you see LOTS of comments on stories by wolfgirl44 or Twihardteen, I know them and Twihardteen is my neighbor so if we seem a little mean to each other, please remember that! Update!!! I now have a polar bear named Jasper and wolfgirl44 just happens to have another polar bear named Alice. Also, thay were gotten from the same place at the same time on the same field trip from the same school on the same bus!!!!!!!!!!I know JacobBlackfan41!!!! I LIKE DOTS! HI KATIE! HI!Hi! Here are random things you can say to people:If someone says that Edward sucks say: 1) Yeah Edward does suck, He sucks blood. Some things you can say if you're on Team Jacob: 1) You Edward people think you own the months where you need to be cold, Well not if I move to Antartica where it's always cold!Oooooo!Burn! 2) I like my guys HOT! Werewolf hot!(really I mean what can team edward say? I like my guys cold? Eww.) 3) I'd like to La Push Edward off a cliff!(thanks for showing that to me, Lyssa! He he he.) 4) I LOVE JACOB!(I don't know why I put that one on here. I just really LOVE JACOB!!!) 5) Team Jacob 'cause I kinda don't want to die...(commplements of Betting on Alice.) 6) If I ever have marks on my arm, it's 'cause my werewolf forgot that I don't heal.(Hey! Would you rather have your blood sucked out? Right...)Some things you can say about saying things about Twilight: 1) I'm running out of things to say about Twilight! Something must be wrong with me!!! Some things you can say about Twilight or Jacob or American Idol or Jacob(did I already say that? Oh well. You can never have too much Jacob!) 1) Give me Twilight or give me death! Well actually I'll take New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn too... 2) Give me Jacob or Give me death! 3) Too bad Edward isn't a werewolf...Then he really would be HOT! 4) Edward or Jacob? Who am I kidding? It's really Jacob OR Jacob!!! 5) If Adam Lambert was in Twilight, I don't know if he would be a Vamp or Wolf. Sparkly or HOT? How about BOTH!!! 6) Don't Call me Victoria!!!(No really. Don't.) 7) If Taylor Lautner sparkled my life would be complete...(I just really love Taylor!!!)This is a funny, formal letter that is full of random things. The BIG sentences are the random things, and the small words are 'small words.' Some of the random things were first created by some really random people(including me) so here's a list of the random inspirational people: Jacobblackfan41,Katie1221,Betting on Alice,Renesmee Black(me),Twihardteen,and Twilight Cast members(well they're not really random...but the the guys are hot...) Here's the letter: Dear Participants of the TWILIGHT FANFIC CLUB!*yea*, I would like to inform you that I will be saying good evening to you, but I think it would be more appropriate if I were to say good morning Because China's Nursing Homes Can Hear Us!!!*I was very tired, Grrrr.*. Also, I would like to tell you that I LIKE TO BE CRAZY!!!I would also like to say Umm, my name is Mike, and uh I'm from England, and umm one day I met the governor, and you know what I says to him? I says to him, "'ello 'Govn'r!"!!! *said with British accent*I would also like to inform you that "I will hunt you down," says the Governor of California's Friend!!!! *ha ha ha* *chuckle* *gawf* *laughing so hard tears are falling down my face* Also, I would like to reassure you that "I'm eating a pan-cake!" *said with British accent, again*And I would like to promise you that "We'll be watching you..."! *quote from the Twilight movie.* And so, I hope you remember that 'We used to make mud pies when we were little...'! *Another quote from Twilight!* And with our deepest concern, we would like to remind you to never forget to Look Left, Look Right, Scream and run for your life! *What you do when crossing a street* And no matter what, please remember that if someone comes up to you and says "You are like my own personal supply of heroin..."! *quote from Twilight.*Then they are "Unconditionally and Irrevocably In Love..."*he he*With you. If you ever need to know the difference between A Monkey and a Monkey man...!*he he he**Twilight*Please contact Rosalie!*Twilight*Our company's CEO at http://www.twilightarchives.com/*he he he* There is no doubt that at least one of our TWILIGHT CRAZY PEOPLE!!! *i'm crazy and i'm proud**funnnnnnnny* will respond to you and will tell you a clearer definition of A Monkey man is Emmett!!!*I still think Jasper's Hotter* We hope that this letter has given you an insight Of the Future!!!!!*Like Alice* And we are glad to help those who are not getting the mental picture, so that you can See into Bella's Mind!!!*Edward**mental shield**Bella**getting the picture?**no?**okay then...*Until the next time that you have questions about TWILIGHT!!!*I just really like twilight* We will be here, waiting to answer your calls. Sincerely, CRAZY TWILIGHT FREAK/RENESMEE BLACK!!!*or just Allison**shrug**giggle* ♥21 Things A Sweet Guy Would Do♥ 1.. Know how to make you smile when you are down..2. Try to secretly smell your hair BUT you always notice.3. Stick up for you but still be respectful of your independence.4. Give you the remote control during the game.5... Come up behind you, put his arms around you, squeeze you tightly against his chest, and whisper softly into your ear

6. Play with your hair.

7. His hands will always find yours.
8. Be cute when he really wants something.9. Offer you plenty of massages.10. Dance with you even if he feels like a dork.11. Never run out of love.12. Be funny, but knows when to be serious.

13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious.
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready.15... React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.16.... Smile alot.. :)17. Plan a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally do just becuase he knows it means a lot to you.18. Drive five hours just to see you for on e.19. Always give you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each other's company... even when friends are watching..20.. Sing even if he can't.21. Have a creative sense of humor Hey Everyone! I just wanted to say that I'm going to Kiel schools next year! I miss all of my friends and they better stay in touch! Also, I'm in a play called Li'l Abner. To learn more about it click on the following link www.englercenter.com I really hope lots of you come! It is soooooooo awesome! If you need a beta reader, I will gladly help you out! I am really good at proof reading and all that stuff. Just email me if you want me to be your beta reader. I will take up to as many people as I can, but I don't have two arms(translation: I can't do too much at once.) Hope that you contact me! Bye! Hey Everyone! I haven't been on in a very long time! Anyway, I have changed schools! Anywho, I will be starting up again with all my stories! You can contact me here: Update from me again! Hey fans and aliens! JK. Anyway, my time here is short So, I'll see you later and read my stories! Loch Nessie Out! So anyway, I just wanted to say that I don't care if anyone can read this stuff because I knew that they could if they looked up anyones name! But who cares!?! So MERRY CHRISTMAS! P.S BEWARE AN OLD FAT GUY WHO SNEAKS IN YOUR HOUSE TO GIVE YOU PRESENTS! I don't mind the presents but an old fat guy? really?! BYE!!!!!!!! ~Loch Nessie~ Hey Everyone! Happy 2010! Well right now I just want to give a shout out to my BFF EMILY! emily you are amazing and you are always there for me. I never thought I could find anyone who could understand me the way only I can. If I hadn't come to Kiel I never would have found my second half! Thx for being there for me! ~Alli~ Hey Everyone! HAPPY VDAY TO EVERYONE!!! LUV YOU GUYS ALOT!!! ~Loch Nessie~ Hey EVERYBODY!! i havent been on in sooo long! i apologize because i know a lot of you guys have been trying to get me to write more on my stories but i havent been able to because im writing a actual story that i hope i will be able to get published! If any of you would like to read it just contact me at allicat96soulsings@yahoo.com and i cant give it all to you cuz im still writing it but i can send it to you chapter by chapter though i would ask you not to save it or send it to anyone else because i am hoping to get it published. ANYWHO! I wanna send a shout out to my BFF EMILY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND A GIRL(OR GUY) COULD EVER HAVE!!!!!! SORRY I DIDNT GET YOU A BIRTHDAY DOUGHNUT! AND YOUR PRESENT MIGHT BE LATE CUZ IM WORKING HARD ON IT AND THE OTHER PART I FORGOT!! SORRY! LYL!!!!! YOUR BFF ATHENA! anywho, i wanna send a shoutout to toosmall808-thank you so much for reviewing my stuff! the kind of reviews you leave really make me feel good about writing and it's nice to know that there are some people who actually read my stuff and want to review it whether they like it or not! AND a SPECIAL thank you to ANYONE who has reviewed ANYTHING i have written!!! you guys are amazing! Now my NEXT topic: i just want to remind everyone that i am a beta and i REALLY want to edit some stories!!!!! I am a grammer FREAK(though i wish i wasnt sometimes it gets annoying=D-it kills me to read my bio because i skip over grammer so i can type faster=D) so just remember that! i also have my own email now it is allicat96soulsings@yahoo.com (i know you can see that on my bio but just in case) so feel free to email me about ANYTHING! NEXT topic(few i have to get on more often so my updates arent so long!): i know i havent been on in FOREVER and its very hard to update my stories while writing an actual story but i WILL try but plz understand why its taking me so long! The only reason i keep writing is because of you guys! Also, i loove to talk to you guys about life and writing in general! so plz email me if you have ANYTHING TO SAY!!! very important and i dont care if you hate my writing its ok:) but i like to hear what people think about my stuff-if i get a little defensive at times im apologizing in advance cuz i am headstrong and sometimes i wish people knew what i was thinking in my head when i wrote w/e but obviously you dont:) LAST TOPIC!(YAY): OK! so i have a couple more shoutouts! One to my friend Allison because she is helping me soooo much w/ my story! she is the only one cares about my story as much (and maybe even more) as i do! You ROCK Alli! (Allison Telepathy hehe) also i am gonna start posting a list of books that i recomend to read! OOPS I LIED! LAST TOPIC NOW!: If you have read my bio or happen to know anything about me then you probably know how i LOVE to sing! well anywho, i went to solo and ensemble for chorus and band and for chorus i sang the song American Lullaby and got a FIRST! YAY! I also got a 2nd in Show Choir, a 1st on my bass clarinet solo, a 2nd on my clarinet/flute duet, and a 2nd on my clarinet trio! hehe if you wanna hear it search AllicatSoulSinger on www.YouTube.com i look weird though so no laughing! anywho, thats all for today! PEACE, LOVE, THE WORLD IS IRISH!(inside joke) lol And in case i dont see ya Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!(from The Trumann Show) ~Loch Nessie~ Hey guys! a quick shout out to the lonely peeps out there...*sigh* i know what its like...:( oh well! Heyylo! OK OK! i KNO that i havent updated in FOREVER! but i've had a whole lot to do! im on vacation right now but the next time that im on the computer i will be writing the next couple chapters to Sparklepuppies! i hope that will satisfy you guys! well see yah! OH and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!! :) ~Me ♥ WOAH! haven't been on in FOREVER!!! jeez wow i know everyone wants me to update but it might be awhile again, sorry! >.< im writing harry potter fanfic now... Go Draco! :) hehe ~Loch Nessie~ See you later! Okay! I'll add more later. Here are some people that I know from school who are on this site: wolfgirl44 Twihardteen JacobBlackfan41 hanner_nanner24 Crazed_twilightgirl katie1221 Betting on Alice if I forgot someone please contact me!!! Ok well here's the list of books i promised!!!!! I'll keep adding more Anything by Tamora Pierce The Graveyard Book My Swordhand is Singing(Dont read if easily frightened) Wicked:The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Son of a Witch: volume two in the wicked years A Lion Among Men: volume three in the wicked years Pride and Prejudice Harry Potter 1-7 Warriors (all three series p.s. its about cats) i will add lots more later but right now my hands are tired:) I'll add more later!

Stories Written (6)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
*Sparklepuppies* Teen 4.5/5 72 2 No 1575
In this story, Renesmee discovers an irrisitable urge to have a child. This story is the ups and downs and complications of Renesmee's life with her new husband Jacob.(They have been married for one year) Hey Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I am now Loch Ness Werewolf!!! Keep Writing! P.S. I am also a beta!!! Just contact me at lmitchler@yahoo.com ~Nessie Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

The Dead Coven Adult 4.4/5 32 3 No 3296
Everyone thought that all the newborns from Victoria's army were dead, but two girls, Lyssa and Allison, hid from the Volturi and the Cullens with the powers that no one knew they had. If they let the world of Vampires know about their powers surely the Volturi will want to use them, but if they don't will they be in exile forever?!? Note: The Deadly Coven's purpose is to destroy the dead coven. Marrisa*-KyleMegan*-KevinMaria*- Kris3Ms3 Ks The banner is by me! Okay! This is what I think Allison looks like but I put it in black and white so the red would show up. Allison has bright red hair and Lyssa has brown hair. I'll post Bios later.
Caught in the Moment Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 66
For anyone who has been laughed at for reading.
When Your Heart Breaks Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 80
This is written deep from my heart. Recently I had to get rid of my pet dog coco and I wrote this poem for her. I think that this can relate to many things and one of those things is Twilight.
Cherish the Pain Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 67
Another poem until I can get past this nasty case of writers block that I'm having!
Vanbert High Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 792
This is a random story but it will soon get interesting:) i hope you enjoy it!

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
I was Imprinted On 4.5/5 72 1
This is a moderated series about people who have been imprinted on. What about their 'former' lives? What if they were married, engaged, or had a boyfriend/girlfriend? What happens to the rest of their lives?
Life in Love 3.8/5 104 2
Living in love is wonderful... Or is it? Enjoy these stories about wonderful relasionships, horrible relasionships, iffy relasionships, and many more.
School Sequences :) 0/5 0 0
Every story/series needs a a school sequence! Well in this series you know you\'ll get it!!!