Chapter Three of "Doctor, Doctor!" is waiting for validation :) Chapter Seven of ".She's Not In-between, Just Other." is also waiting for validation. :) Also: A Poem, "Sweet Symphony" It's about Edward composing Bella's Lullaby... (waiting for validation) Anyone read my Moonlight one-shot? I'm thinking of expanding on it... but I don't know, so do contact me if you'd like to hear more of Jacob and Nessie's story... I also hope to improve some of my previous cha pters (have you read the first bits of some of my stories? :S)

Stories Written (10)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
.She's Not In-between, Just Other. Teen 4.5/5 32 7 No 7480
She's Not In-between, Just Other There's a visitor in Forks, but she's definitely no tourist. That appears to be all that’s definite, though. Well…that and her stunning beauty. Can the Cullens figure out just exactly who or what she is? Could her mysterious male companions provide the answers? Set a decade or so after Breaking Dawn ends…Renesmee is full grown (and married to Jacob) and the wolf pack at La Push has grown significantly. Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same…
The Transformation Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 93
The Transformation This is a poem about becoming a vampire (as in the actual transformation process). It's not specific, but that is what it's about. I didn't really have any particular people/vampire in mind, but you can think of it as Bella or whoever....
Doctor, Doctor! Everyone 5/5 17 3 No 3341
Just a short little thing starring David Tennant as The Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the cast of Twilight as their respective characters.Bella is in trouble, but when she calls for the doctor, someone other than Carlisle turns up. Who is this stranger and why is he so interested in the Cullens? Moreover, why does he dislike Dr Cullen? Includes shameless amounts of Dr Who, but plenty of Twilight! Set in Twilight, sort of middlish before Bella and Edward get serious and yeah, Bella has had a random accident. Fill in the gap there as you please.
Moonlight Everyone 4.5/5 6 1 Yes 1079
Moonlight Jacob/Renesmee one shot. Sort of emotional thing. Totally open-ended, fill in the gaps as you please! Post Breaking Dawn (Renesmee is all grown up and has been for a while)
Esme's Important Decision Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1
Esme A challenge from a friend (the challenge being to draw Esme). Sort of manga/anime-ish Esme has a most important decision to make! Can she make the right choice?!
Origins Teen 4.5/5 3 3 No 3599
OriginsYes! It's another Doctor Who Crossover!It will also include my own character, Freyvarr. (to know more about her, you could read the first few chapters of my other story, ".She's Not In-between, Just Other.") All you really need to know about her is that she is a very beautiful and powerful vampire. This is set about 500 years after breaking dawnends. Time travelling, eh? Never know where you're gonna end up next... Oh yeah. And rated Teen, because Freyvarr is a dangerous catalyst for rating-worthy scenes...
The Monkey Man Everyone 0/5 8 1 Yes 1
A little sketch of Emmett. Not my best, but unfortunately I have trouble drawing both men and bears!
James Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 130
A poem about James. James
A Brilliant Birthday Party for Bella ! Teen 5/5 19 1 No 960
Birthday partyBasically, your challenge (yes, you the reader!) is to discover what exactly has happened in the Cullen household. It isn't hard, but...well. I'm hoping that this will be interesting. WARNINGS: This is what happens when people's minds wander in odd places. Absolutely and totally fluffy. Unsuitable for non-OOC readers. Non-canon. Depending how you look at it. And if you work out all the ... things... And finally- I think you need warning for this - I may attempt humour in this Fanfiction.
Sweet Symphony Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 87
Sweet symphony
A poem about Edward composing Bella's Lullaby. The most beautiful tune - but what is that to Bella's beauty? Or the beauty of their love?
"Sweet Symphony" hopes to answer, in my own...experimental...poetry. :)

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
H'rose N'ye Freyvarr - The Light of Freyvarr 4.5/5 35 2
Any twilight stories with my own character Freyvarr. Probably won't make sense unless you read the first story, but lucky I'm writing that right now! (The first and currently only story is She's Not Inbetween, Just Other.) Post-Breaking Dawn (about a decade later). Renesmee is married to Jacob, the werewolf pack has grown and everything else remains pretty much the same.
Cullen Who? 5/5 20 2
A Dr Who/Twilight crossover! yay! Calling all whovians! (or people that are mildly interested in Dr Who!) We have Cullens! We have Rose ! We have... *drum roll, please* DAVID TENNANT! \"Cullen
Life with the Cullens 0/5 12 2
Just sketchs of the Cullens doing normal, everyday stuff... like killing bears and choosing where to put vases...