The obstacle is the path. ~Zen Proverb 18, High-school student. A-Level, First-rate insomniac.
Works best with numbers and her future lies in Medicine.
Writes Twilight fanfiction alone.
Philosophical, relys heavily on music, sufferers large bouts of something people call writers block. Te Amo:“The opposite of loneliness, it's not togetherness. It is intimacy.” A Third Person rendition of the night of the wedding of Carlisle and Esme. Rated M for Lemons. Finished first write up, needs a serious fleshing out and editing session but should be uploaded in due time.

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100 Years Later Adult 3.4/5 94 27 Yes 56545
What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.
What if? Everyone 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 5771
What If Alice and Bella made it to Volterra a little bit too late?
Bridging The Gap Teen 5/5 19 10 Yes 39058
The story of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen is very well known. However, what about that of the heart and soul of the Cullen family?
The vague outline of Esme's human life, put forward by Stephanie Meyer, leaves a lot to the imagination.
What happens between each of these guidelines? What is the attraction between the eternally youthful pair, the glue that holds them together?

When Esme Platt jumped from the cliff in 1921, she thought she had nothing left to live for. As she goes through the fiery transformation, and comes out the other side she finds two men who will forever change her outlook on the life she lost.

When the worlds of the preternatural and humans collide what are the aftereffects? A continuing story of pain, love and learning to trust the world once again. Continues through the Pre-Twilight life of the Cullen "parents."
Canon, EsmexCarlisle,
Amor Vincit Omnia Teen 5/5 21 7 No 15571
Latin for "Love Conquers All," Amor Vincit Omnia will follow the life of Esme and Carlisle throughout history put forward by Stephanie Meyer.
A continuation of "Bridging The Gap" it will consist of a series of snap-shots through the eyes of Carlisle or Esme.
Following canon of Pre-Twilight and the four novels of The Twilight Saga.
Canon, EsmexCarlisle.
Sovereignty Teen 5/5 2 1 No 2450
Is there someplace, deep inside of Edward Cullen that is tempted by Aro's constant offerings?
What is the one thing that Aro could possibly offer him that would be better than what he already has?
Mateless, incomplete and the only lone person in a family of matched couples, Edward ponders what he could learn by leaving his home comforts.
What will Edward choose, and what will this one choice mean for him, as well as the Cullen family, and to the future of the vampire world?
Te Amo... Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 5962
The wedding night of Carlisle Cullen and the new, Esme Anne Cullen. Complementary piece to "Bridging The Gap."
Third Person.
Rated Adult for Lemons.

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