My name is Caroline. I don't know what to write here... it will probably be one of those little weird things are completely full of nonsense. Honestly, I'm quite perplexed. I mean, okay, so, anyone could just go off on black holes or whatnot on their page and, you know, bitch about The Matrix sequel and whatever. Blah! This is so hard... Right then. I am fifteen years old, English... and I hate it. I am against the age restriction act, if I had my way... well, let's not go there. People always look at me like I have three heads; I can assure you last time I checked there was only one attached to my neck. But you never know, things can change... I have longish redy/bronze hair that is always a mess, brown eyes and freckles. My fingers are unnaturally long and thin. I hate sports. I hate people who play sports. I hate people who watch sports. I hate people who don't hate people that don't hate sports. I hate text talk and slang. Here are a few of my pet hates. "Where u at?" This pains me to write. "Safe init." No it isn't safe, and in what I ask you? "I didn't do nothing wrong." No of course not, you just did everything wrong. "Allow." That word used wrongly makes me so angry... In a typical week I will fall off my bed several times, fall up my stairs then back down, walk into things, bang my toes against everything, break something and land up with concussion... Yep, I am extremely uncoordinated. My family think I am weird. My friends think I am mentally unbalanced. My teachers think that I am scary. I stop half way through a sentences. I think out loud a lot too. Did I mention that I play the guitar and the piano? I do. "Caroline are you talking to yourself, again?" "Caroline, why are you just standing there?" "Caroline, why are you lying on the floor?" "Caroline, why is there a pillow in the fridge?" "Caroline stop swearing at the wall, you walked into it." "Caroline, you can't leave this house wearing that!" "Caroline, why are you hiding under the table?" People question what I do a lot. I think that I am perfectly normal. I never, ever make sence. My life is really boring, nothing interesting happens so I day dream a bit too much. I am never going to grow up, I am peter pan after all. My stories are rubbish; I honestly don't know why I write them... So on that note, I leave you with this. If you have got this far, then thank you very much for your time.

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Tracking down Happiness Adult 5/5 3 3 No 10062
Edward met Bella, a typical love story as it may seem. So he came through the window and she fell into his arms... they fell in love blah, blah, blah. The abuse both mentally and physically has taken its toll on Bella and Edwards life isn't exactly perfect, what with his haunted past and all. So is it possible for these tortured souls to find comfort in each other and throw away the key of their past, well the obvious answer would be yes, like any other another story. However there is an unusual twist, I'm sorry for my warped mind.
London Losses and Liberations Adult 0/5 2 1 No 3913
A car crash and a bike, oh and the lovely M25. This is what starts of the unholy alliance between our favourite couple. London Losses and Liberations

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