Hey! I'm Kristin. I'm an 18 year old, majoring in Business - believe it or not - and oddly enough, I'm completely obsessed with Twilight. But who isn't - right? You'd have to be completely insane not to be. Like my little sister. Ugh. What a weirdo. :) Well, I will be honest, I hadn't even heard of Twilight until the movie had come out. My boyfriend had read and enjoyed Twilight very much, and I hadn't even heard of it. I thought it was an impossible situation, but...much to my dismay, it was the truth. Hehe. I watched the movie [[God only knows how many times]] then read all four books...I believe going on four times in the last oh....two months? And now I have fallen completely head over heels in love with The Twilight Saga. I have never enjoyed a story so much. It has called upon me and changed my life so drastically. It has had such a HUGE impact on so many lives. Stephenie Meyer has become a hero to many; her unbelievable love story has sparked and awaken a passion in so many of us. It's almost hard to believe that that passion has always been there lying dorment just aching for a truely romantic and enthralling vampire/human forbidden love story to edge up close enough to shake it awake. Now that passion is alive in all of us. Ok, so Twilight isn't the only thing I'm in love with. I feel obliged to mention my beloved here; his name is Jon Allen. He is perfect for me. We are perfect for eachother. :) He isn't as into Twilight as I am...of course, ha...but I am eternally greatful to him for bringing Twilight into my life. Just another thing to add to my list of 'Reason's Why I Love Jon Allen' :) He truly is quite the amazing guy, when he isn't doing all he can to annoy me. :D haha, jk. I love him! He even leaves reviews on my stories!! :) I think I can speak for all Twilight fans when I say that we are ALL greatful for dreams, and most importantly, we are ALL greatful for Stephenie Meyer's dreams! For, without her dreams, we would know no such love as the love between Bella and Edward, and we would know no such passion as we do now. Well, on a lighter note, I have just began to write fan fictions. I happened to stumble accidently onto this website during one - of many MANY - Twilight fun searches on google. [[TWILIGHT MEMORY ALERT]]
From the movie:::
"I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can google it." Said Edward to Bella. HAHA! I love that. :) Back to my fanfics. Well, I am in the process of writing my frist fanfic now, actually. It is titled 'We Are Broken' and yes it is the title of Paramores 'We Are Broken' she too has inspired me with her lyrics, however, I much rather enjoy Silverstein. :) Lately I have been in an Anberlin mood...and sometimes A7X. I do have about five or six more plot lines planned out after I am finished with the present one, of which include two one-shots, a series of - so far - two stories, and two other stories as well. Emmett is my favorite Twilight character. He is just so light-hearted and fun. He is absolutely amazing in all his giddiness and child like tendencies, yet he is so very bright and insightful. He is just the perfect friend. Next, Jasper. For sure. I can't even explain why. He just seems to fit my way of thinking. He is...idk just completely charming and admirable. He is like this image of a guy that would suit any girl. :) Well, I think I have told you all enough about me for now. :) Please read and review my story! It would mean a great deal to me, honestly! And thanks in advance to whomever does! I ALWAYS respond to reviews! Thanks a trillion!

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Even vampires aren't perfect. They make mistakes. As her anger evaporated, I nodded my head, "I'm sorry Bella." I started, "I wish you would let me explain..." I left my sentence hanging in the air. She began to shake her head violently, her breathing coming in short gasps again. This was the part I had feared the most. The part I knew was inevitable. The part I knew I deserved. I asked the question I wanted so badly to avoid, everything in my body seizing up, waiting for the inevitable, "Do you want me to...leave?" My voice broke on the last word, and my breathing became gasps as I awaited her answer.

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