I'm charlie. A little weird, reading twilight is an obbsession. I'm thirteen, but people say I act much older. I love writing, so I decided to write about twilight. Call me crazy, :)

Stories Written (1)

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First Sight Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 786
When The Cullens decide to re-start high school again, many people are dazzled by there amazing good looks. One person, Maria, thinks theres more than just good looks in the Cullen Family. Maria gets to close to finding out the truth, and the Cullens dissapear. But Maria , being a curious person, decides to follow them. Will Bella and co's secret be kept, or will be it destoryed by one curious teenager who can't keep her mouth shut?

Series Written (1)

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New Moon - What if? 0/5 0 0
Basically it's a new moon in the time. So one could be. What if Edward sent Bella a note , before she "died"? What if Bella had died right when Jasper took a snap at her? What would be Edwards reactions? What if Edward never came back? What if we saw Edwards point of view to leaving Bella? So many questions, this compelling series gives you insights to what happens if Edward makes other decisions besides the book.