I am an average teenage girl, who is addicted to the most awesome books in the history of the planet. I love music, nature, life, and books. I love to write and I love to just sit in the yard and listen to the trees sing. I always try to put my expreiences into the writing, or at least make it as real as possible. My favorite bands consistof Muse, Shinedown,Disturbed ......pretty much everything. lol ^^ I have really been into the hard stuff recently and I absolutley adore A7x. I am easy to get along with and don't always lose my temper to small things. I can take critisism and love compliments. Thank you so much if you are a fan.

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Our Forever Teen 5/5 11 3 No 3884
This is just my version of what happens to Bella and Edward...I OWN NOTHING!! lol

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