Hello!! Is it just me or do i have a bad habbit of putt xx at the end of a review or at my response to a review? So is just me or was breaking dawn kind of dissappointing? im not saying it wasn't good cause it was but it was more like a fan-fiction to me and also wasn't very realistic. no one gets everything they want without having to give everything. there's always a bad side to the good things!! So, i deleted two of my stories because i thought they were crap and i'm gonna edit them and repost them!! Please could you tell me what yuo think by dropping a review. it's nice to know your opinons even if there bad. Note to all you wonderful people - 1) Fate's children won't be updated fr a while because the two people who i was writing it with are currently trying to kill eac other so thats on hold. 2) im righting a new fan fiction but im not to sure about it so could some be nice enough to suggest looking at it for me? drop a review if your up for it. ~Enthea~

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