Violet Gage

Hello! I'm 15 years old. I'm a Performing Arts and Drama & Theatre studies student. I adore the Twilight Saga, my favourite characters are Jacob Black and Jasper. Oh I also have a soft spot for Bella and Edward but I think that's a given. I write screenplays and am working on my own novel, during my spare time. I gotta be honest I'm a bit of a metal head, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Bullet For My Valentine, etc. But then again I also adore the Beatles, Damien Rice, Iron and Wine, Journey. Yeah I like all kinds of music really, except trance/dance/bassy stuff, yick I CANNOT stand that stuff! Yick, Yick, yick. Hmmm yes anyway, my stories are not nearly as rambling or crazy as I am, well I don't think they are. :D See you around!

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Frail Adult 5/5 17 9 Yes 9266
It's 1947. Jasper is alone, and it will be another year before he meets Alice. Roaming the Seattle slums, and desperately hungry. Jasper gets more then he bargained for when he discovers a young girl writhing in agony, abandoned in a back alley. Jasper is about to take advantage of the seemingly already dying girl, only to find that she's not dying she's changing. Rated adult for violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature. THE FINAL CHAPTER IS UP! Banner by the wonderfully talented JokesOnJane
On My Fingertips Everyone 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 1173
Edward bonds with baby Renesmee, whilst keeping a vigil over Bella's transformation. A simple fluffy oneshot for my enjoyment and hopefully yours.

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