Ten Things to know about Kali... (Thats me fyi) 1. I hate being called dumb for being a natural blond (Part of that I hate sterio types) 2. I love gays if you have a problem with them you can fuck off and I mean that in the nicest way possible :) 3. I truly believe that God and Lucifer had somthing going on up there ;) 4. I despise religon for all it does is critisize (if you like it thats great but it wont change my opinions.) 5. I love vampires, were wolves, lions and witches and even wardrobes they all rock hardcore 6. Ill do anything for anyone its just a tendency of mine 7. I wrote a novel Im working 2 get published in the upcoming months 8. Im Italian and German and proud 9. I love my fagets and go to pride marches when ever I have the options 10. I had an imaginary friend named Peter he was a guetto penguin but he went to antartica when I was seven and I miss him dearly :( (Oh and he had a sister named Maria) Age: 15Hair Color: Blonde (Had we not established such)Eye Color: HazelSkin Color: Im pale and love itMarkings: I have a scar on my forhead from where I slammed into a coffee table at age 9Favorite Bands: Jack of Jill The Killers Green Day Nirvana No Doubt Super Chick Korn Linkin Park Cute is What we Aim for Paramore Evenesance (Even if I cant spell it) AeroSmith Saving Abel Flyleaf Skillit ALOT MORE but it may surprise you I actually sort of if only a little bit have a life lol Favorite Shows/Movies: QUEER AS FOLK IS GOD!! The Host Club Anime!! The Covanant HOT MEN!! BREAKFAST CLUB!! MY favorite classic!! Gremlins Harry Potter 1,2,3,4 No not five, five sucked balls Alice in Wonderland Bambi Little Mermaid THIRTEEN Lilo and Stitch The Haunting of Molly Hartly Phantom of the Opera ALOT MOREFavorite Favorite Books: Twlight Harry Potter Lord of the Flies Vampire Kisses Warriors Pairings: Bella/Edward Twilight Draco/Harry Harry Pottery Ron/ Hermione Harry Potter Tyler/Ried The Covanent Raven/Jagger VK Raven/ Trevor VK Jack/Ralph LOTF Brian/Justin QAF Lindsy/Melenie QAF Emmett/Rosalie Twilight God/Satan Where do you think? Alex/Heph Roman Histrory Kim/Jared Twilight Haruki/Koaru Host Ana/Damian My book Skyler/Emmett My close fag friends :)Fav Quotes: I like dick, I wanna get fucked by dick, I wanna suck dick, I like sucking dick, and I'm good at it too. - Justin QAF (My friend julie and mines favorite... For some odd reason we always get looked at weird...)Twins with to much time on their hand are the devil- Tamaki HostAre coming or going, or coming then going, or coming and staying?- Brain QAFFocus Like a Locus- MeFunk Like a Skunk- MeAwsome like a Possum- Me The next contestant loves the powerpuff girls, margarittas and older men that take him for granted- Drag Queen at Babalon QAF I've never met a lesbian before but Im a big fan- Daphne QAF Ill be glad when prides over that way we can all go back to being ashamed- Brian QAF Justin: Aw your just pissed you had to look after Gus and no one hit on you Brain: No plenty of people hit on me to bad they were all lesbians who wanted my sperm -QAF!!

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Wolfbane Everyone 5/5 33 8 No 11193
This is Bane through Ryans eyes "Sure you weren’t just looking for trouble?" Bane raised a golden brow. "Maybe." He said quietly. Now that time Seth was sure he saw a smile."Or I might have just been looking for you..." He said even more quietly but he knew Bane could hear. "Then you were looking for trouble."Seth/Bane SLASH Boy love boyxboy m/m not sure how much more clear I can make it

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